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NIkon’s Thailand Factory Boosts Production

24 Mar

Nikon added 6,000 new employees this year at its Thailand factory to meet rising demand for its digital cameras. The total number of employees at the factory now stands at 15,000. While Canon still leads the SLR market, a Nikon Chief Executive said that his company plans to achieve 40 percent SLR market share in calendar year 2008. Read more.

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Fujifilm S5 Pro Getting Good Reviews

19 Mar

Fujifilm S5 Pro

Fujifilm’s long anticipated S5 Pro digital camera is now trickling into stores and the first reviews and sample photos have begun to appear. Several British Magazines have published positive early reviews and the S5 looks to be a winner, especially in terms of image quality and low-light performance. NoEnd Press has a good roundup of S5 Pro links and image samples from around the Web.

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D40X Jumps to 10MP and 3FPS Shooting Speed

9 Mar

Only 4 months after releasing the wildly successful entry-level D40 digital SLR, Nikon has announced an upgraded model named the D40X. The D40X now offers 10 megapixels (up from 6MP), 3 frames per second shooting speed (up from 2.5 fps) and a base ISO of 100 (improved from the D40’s 200 ISO). DPReview has an online preview.

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NIkon Posts VR “Vibration Reduction” Info on Web Site

2 Mar

Nikon has posted some new information about its Vibration Reduction technology, which allows photographers to reduce camera shake using mechanisms built into their “VR” range of camera lenses. This section of Nikon’s imaging site has quite a bit of information on VR technology and how it works.

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