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Hungarian Photographer Wins IPA Awards

24 Oct

Amazon Indian

Hungarian photographer Attila Lóránt of DisappearingCultures.org has just received five International Photo Awards and Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards (IPA). Lóránt recently finished a book for National Geographic entitled “Indians Along the Amazon and in the Andes” (National Geographic Society, 2006) which resulted in several award winning images, as did a series of photographs taken in East Africa entitled “Turkana Wedding” included in his first book entitled “East Africa More than a Safari” (Alexandra 2003) as well as in his next book entitled “VAPPONI” (Kossuth Kiadó 2007) which will be released in Nov 2007. Lóránt shoots with Nikon D2X, D200, and Fujifilm S5 Pro cameras as well as Nikon and Sigma lenses.

Turkana Wedding

Lóránt’s Budapest-based Disappearing Cultures Foundation is a non-profit organization seeking and saving knowledge about native and traditional cultures around the world. Disappearing Cultures Foundation produces books, documentaries, audio and multimedia CDs/DVDs, exhibitions and articles for magazines and other publications. They also give lectures and maintain archives dedicated to preserving knowledge for the future about the last remaining traditional cultures.