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Nikon Engineer Discusses New Scene Recognition System

28 May

Nikon engineer Hiroshi Takeuchi discusses the merits of Nikon’s new Scene Recognistion System introduced with the D3 and D300 cameras.  The Scene Recognition system allows the camera to analyze the components of an image, much the way a photographer’s brain does, thereby improving focus, exposure and white balance. Read interview…


Wedding Photographer Captures Images of China Quake

28 May

Wedding photographer Wang Qiang and several other assistants were waiting for the bride and groom to get dressed when the ground began shaking on May 12. Soon they were enveloped in a cloud of dust thrown up by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake, but they kept shooting, documenting the fierce destruction of China’s recent natural disaster. Read more…

Nikon D3 Wins CAMERA GRAND PRIX 2008 Camera of the Year and Readers Award

24 May

Tokyo – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that the Nikon D3 digital SLR camera has been selected by Japan’s Camera Press Club as CAMERA GRAND PRIX 2008 Camera of the Year.  A committee chose the D3, Nikon’s flagship SLR camera, as the most outstanding among 170 competing cameras introduced to the market between April 1, 2007 and March 31, 2008. Read more…

U.K. Portraits for Profit Workshop

15 May

Recently awarded ‘UK Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year’, Uzair Kharawala will demonstrate how you can run a profitable and flourishing ‘Home Studio’ business. Using minimal equipment and shooting on-location, you will learn how to produce images in a variety of lighting conditions including indoors and outdoors. Creating simple yet appealing images which will sell, you will learn all you need to begin marketing yourself to your target audience. This workshop will deal with all aspects of ‘Lifestyle’ Portraiture’. You will learn how to use diffusers, reflectors, available ambient light, artificial lighting and off-camera flash photography. You will shoot using your own camera indoors and at a chosen nearby external location. Returning to the classroom, you will learn how to edit the images and how to best make them ready to present to clients. Oz will introduce you to some software tips & tricks and discuss designing albums that appeal to a wide range of customers.To view Oz’s portfolio, visit

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25 Jun08 – Kingston, FULL
02 Jul 08 – Poole
09 Jul 08 – Cardiff
16 Jul 08 – Manchester, FULL
10 Sep 08 – Glasgow
30 Sep 08 – Dublin