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Adobe Lightroom 1.0 Announced

29 Jan

Lr1 Box

The long Beta period is over as Adobe announced today that it will release Lightroom 1.0 on Feb. 19 for $299 with a $100 discount available until April 30. Imaging-Resource has a full report on Lightroom 1.0 with screenshots.


Fujifilm UK Posts S5 Pro User Manual

24 Jan

The Fujifilm S5 Pro User Manual is now available for download from the company’s UK Web site in PDF format. It’s 244 pages and weighs in at 7.8 MB.

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Fujifilm S5 Pro First Look

20 Jan

Jonathan Ryan at got his hands on a pre-production Fujifilm S5 Pro and posted this early review, one of the very first reviews to appear in English.

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Dealing with Noise Issues on the D200

17 Jan

NoEnd Press just posted a good review of the Nikon D200, with a special focus on noise issues and how to get the best High ISO noise performance from the D200.

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Capture NX for Intel Mac Announced

15 Jan

Nikon previewed a beta version of Capture NX that is compatible with Intel-based Macs at MacWorld San Francisco last week. The new version will be available “when it is ready to be released” according to Nikon, at an estimated retail price of $149.95 US.

In addition to the Intel-based Mac compatibility, Nikon has made several usability updates based on software testing and customer feedback. The user interface has been improved and updated to enable users to work faster, effectively, and easily. Additional improvements to Capture NX include enhanced speed for faster and effective workflow, resizable histograms and curves & levels palette.

Nikon Press Release

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Opaco: Movie Short Shot with Nikon D50

1 Jan


Paraguayan filmmaker Martín Crespo shot his short movie using stills from a Nikon D50. It was done with non professional actors, and took three days “filming” (15.000 photos) and 2 months in the editing room. Here’s the 2 min trailer (Spanish with English subtitles):

View Opaco Trailer

More info about Opaco

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