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Latest 70-300mm VR Pics

28 Dec

Nikon’s new and much anticipated 70-300mm VR zoom lens has recently been trickling into users hands and sample photos are popping up around the Web. Here’s a small listing of photos if you’re looking for the latest. Looks like another winner from Nikon!

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Nikon D40 Review Roundup

25 Dec

Nikon’s new D40 seems to be the perfect entry-level camera for digital photography newbies and those purchasing their first DSLR. It’s been on the market for about a month now and the reviews and sample images have been popping up around the Web for this popular camera. The consensus seems to be that Nikon has another big winner, at least for its intended market. NoEnd Press has a good roundup of all the latest on the NIkon D40.

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Nikon eBooks from Peter iNova

17 Dec


eBook author Peter iNova has just added the Nikon D80 eBook to his product offerings for Nikon users.

According to Peter:

“Nikon D80 is the culmination of thousands of images, hundreds of interactive illustrations and dozens of techniques you’ll find nowhere else. Interactive examples, embedded animations, A/B comparisons sewn into almost every page bring you the science, the tech, the design, the tools, the techniques and the concealed attributes that lie inside its heart.”

“Encounter every feature, every button, every menu, every quirk, every secret opportunity hidden away inside your D80. And there are plenty of them. Here you experience each interaction as a means to an end.”

The price for the eBook is $49.95. iNova’s downloadable PDF format eBooks are also available for the D200, D70 and Coolpix series. Website

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Wireless Flash: DVD Training Video

6 Dec

DVD CoverThe “must have” tutorial for anyone wishing to expand into wireless flash photography. Award winning UK photographer Uzair Kharawala uses Nikon’s Speedlight system to deliver the definitive guide to wireless flash photography. In this DVD you will discover ease of set up and use in ‘real life’ scenarios with minimal equipment. How exceptional results are created quickly and easily. Subjects include Sports, Outdoor Portraits, Indoor Portraits, Industrial, Sports, Kids & Still Life. Cost is £20. Please visit to to learn more and for ordering info (click the Info > DVD menu items).

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