Geotagging with Blue2CAN

28 Jun

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Blue2CAN is an integrated solution for GeoTagging digital still images with GPS data. Using a BlueTooth enabled GPS unit and industry leading Nikon D200, D2X, D2Xs or D2Hs, Blue2CAN allows users to directly capture geospatially referenced images in the easiest, most reliable collection method today.

Blue2Can automatically tags your photos with GPS data (latitude, longitude, and altitude) as you take them. The data can then be read by mapping software such as Google Maps. Pictures taken with the Blue2Can attached to a Nikon camera can be uploaded to Flickr, for example and Flickr adds a “map” link to each picture — click it and you can see where it was taken. Even cooler: You can view all your photos as pushpins on a map, so you can go on a virtual tour of that European vacation.

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