Free Capture NX Tips and Tricks from Nikon

1 May

Nikon has made available (for free!) some tips and tricks for Capture NX which can be downloaded as PDF documents. These downloadable tips and tricks files are easy step-by-step guides which will allow you to get more from from Capture NX. The following topics are covered:

1. Batch Processing – Resize images
2. Batch Processing – Converting multiple images to JPEG
3. Using Black and White Control Points
4. Using the Crop Tool
5. Using Selection Tools – Lasso
6. Using Selection Tools – Enhancing Shadow
7. Using Selection Tools – Adding a Colour Gradation
8. Using Selection Tools – Plus and Minus Brushes
9. Using Color Control Points – Enhancing Sky
10. Using Color Control Points – Enhancing Landscape
11. Edit List Explanation
12. Edit List – Base Adjustment Steps
13. Printing – Print Size
14. Printing – Creating Contact Sheets
15. Effective Use of Labels
16. Changing the Size of Browser Thumbnails
17. Using Color Aberration Control
18. Setting Image Size and Resolution
19. Setting Image Size and Printing
20. Using Red-Eye Control Points

You can click here to download all of the PDF documents in one .zip file (17.5MB).

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