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New D3 Image Samples from Nikon

28 Sep

The Nikon Press Center has just posted some new D3 samples taken by photographers Dave Black, Mike Corrado and Joe McNally. ISO speeds range from 200 – 6400 and users can download original size photos.

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D3 HIgh ISO Sports Samples

25 Sep, in cooperation with Nikon Canada, has published some D3 high ISO photographs shot at a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game by professional sports photographers. Users can download the image samples in JPEG format which were shot at 4000 and 6400 ISO.

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Photoshop Expert Scott Kelby Wowed by D3 Low Noise Capabilities

24 Sep

Scott Kelby, Editor and Publisher of Photoshop User and Layers Magazine, and President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). Is the photographer to be blown away by the D3’s capabilities. Some excerpts from Scott’s site:

“You’ve gotta understand; this isn’t just an improvement in the noise and detail—this is way beyond that. Without sounding corny (though it still will), this is like a new dawn in the digital camera era, and now I can see where noise will soon be a non-issue.”

Read Scott’s impressions of the new D3

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D3 High ISO Wedding Photos

24 Sep

Wedding photographer Cliff Mautner has gotten his hands on a D3 and posted some high ISO wedding photos that show the amazing capabilities of this new camera. Cleary Cliff was impressed with the camera, here’s an excerpt from his experience with Nikon’s newest flagship:

“My first impressions, as expected, were mind blowing. To be brief, I’m stunned at how responsive this camera is and I didn’t believe there was much room for improvement to the way the D2xs handled. I was clearly wrong. The Focus, feel of the shutter, focus point selection, enormous LCD, auto white balance, dynamic range, color rendition, and a few other things have all been written about and touted, but nothing prepared me for the incredible quality of the files out of camera. In addition, the high ISO performance, which was also talked about, is nothing short of revolutionary… This camera literally changes the rules of photography and will simply allow me to capture things like never before. “

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Tour of Nikon’s Sendai, Japan Factory

20 Sep

1113-Assembly D3

The Slovenian website E-Fotographia has published a report along with some nice photos of Nikon’s assembly plant in Sendai, Japan. This is where the D3 and other high-end cameras are manufactured. Visit site.

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D3 Photos and Observations by Moose Peterson

19 Sep

Moose Peterson spent some time with the D3 and posted a few sample photos. According to Moose he’s extremely impressed with the camera and it’s photo quality!

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C|NET Looks at the Latest Coolpix Lineup

19 Sep

C|Net has a good article on the very latest Coolpix cameras from Nikon.

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Official D3 and D300 Sample Images Posted

12 Sep

Nikon has just posted the first official images from the D3 and D300 on its website. Users can download the files as high rez JPEGs.

D3 Samples | D300 Samples

Checkout Softpedia for an interesting analysis of the noise characteristics of the D3 images.

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ViewNX Software Announced

12 Sep

Nvnx 360
Nikon has just released ViewNX, an easy-to-use, yet powerful image browser that integrates with Capture NX and Nikon Transfer. ViewNX replaces the aging Nikon View software. ViewNX is free and can be downloaded from Nikon’s site: Mac | PC.

Nikon has also released a standalone version of Nikon Transfer, which is required for transferring images from Nikon cameras into ViewNX. Nikon Transfer can be downloaded here: Mac | PC

What is View NX?

View NX is a powerful new software application for viewing NEF RAW and JPEG images.

  • ViewNX offers the following 3 modes for viewing images:
  1. “Thumbnail Grid ” mode for viewing image thumbnails
  2. “Image Viewer ” mode displays a selected image at a large size
  3. “Full Screen ” mode displays an image full screen
  • RAW+JPEG format images recorded simultaneously can be viewed separately, or treated as a single image for simpler management.
  • Exposure Compensation, White-balance adjustment, and other adjustments can be performed on multiple images at one time, using “Picture Controls”, within the supplied “Picture Control Utility”.
  • Labels and Ratings can be applied to individual images for simpler classification, management, and display.
  1. 10 labels are available for image classification. Labels can specify images displayed, images sent as e-mail attachments or printed, or images copied to another folder.
  2. Images may be rated up to 5 stars to indicate importance or priority. Images within a specified span can be displayed, and also Labels and Ratings recorded use industry standard formats so that they are preserved and recognized in other applications using the same standard.
  • Focus area, histogram, highlights, and shadows displays are available.
  • A convenient quick zoom feature is available for verifying focus.
  • Enter information such as Creator, Origin, Image Title, and Keywords in XMP/IPTC Information for managing images.
  • Copies of images are easily created for attachment to e-mail messages.
  • Resized copies of images can be saved, and images can be converted and saved in TIFF or JPEG format.
  • A third-party software application can be registered for smooth integration with a favorite imaging application.
  • ViewNX and Nikon Transfer offer smooth collaboration. Use of these two applications together is convenient and recommended.

Reviewing the New 24-70mm f2.8G ED

10 Sep

Pic 001
Bjørn Rørslett has posted one of the very first reviews of Nikon’s new pro-caliber 24-70mm f2.8G ED lens. As you might guess, he thinks it’s a stellar lens, giving it an excellent “5” rating.

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